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Odisha IGR Encumbrance EC Certificate Online Application search status

Odisha IGR Encumbrance Certificate (EC) online search, apply for new Encumbrance Certificate statement in Odisha Certified Copies apply online, Registration of Partnership, Society check now.

The IGR (Inspector General of Registration Revenue & Disaster Management) department of Odisha has started its latest and more advanced version of Odisha Revenue services website. The website name was and it has the below services.

Online document Registration application

Odisha Encumbrance EC Search

Apply for Odisha Encumbrance Certificate

Apply for Certified copies of property registration documents in IGR Odisha website.

Online Marriage Registration

Society Registration

Partnership Registration

Search for Odisha IGR Encumbrance Certificate online:

The encumbrance certificate states the transition and history of land or property as per the ledgers of Sub-Registrar office. To say EC is the only proof which consist of land origin in government records. Encumbrance is only available when the land is surveyed by the government surveyor.

An online option to search for Odisha IGR Encumbrance is not yet ready because of huge database and multi surveys. Many of the records in SRO of all districts are still in hardcopies. Digital uploading of pertaining records are still in slower pace when compared to other states. Let’s check the online search procedure for Orissa Encumbrance Certificate online.

Select Encumbrance Certificate option in Online services menu of IGR Odisha website. Proceed will filling the applicant details first. Give name, DOB, Mobile and email for communication. Give your permanent or postal address where you are searching the record.

Proceed to enter the location of your property. Give the list of District name, Mandal Name, Village name one by one. Select your pertaining SRO office from the side list.

Give the period of searching. We can expect the EC records for past 30 years. The application fees will be based on the duration of period.

Once you confirm the above details please fill the word verification and now check your Encumbrance details below.

Note: These above appeared documents are only for public referring of the records. IGR will not prove the online details as original. For using it for authentic purposes  apply for a certified copy from SRO.

Tamil Nadu Encumbrance Certificate EC Search online in TNREGINET

Tamil Nadu Encumbrance Certificate TN EC online application, check Encumbrance status, Apply for Certified Documents, E-payment of Registration fees check now in

Government of Tamil Nadu has started the TEAM project for digitalization of land records, Encumbrance certificates, and Revenue department services in state. TEAM stands for Total E-Government based Administration and Management. This has brought the citizen services to light for public free of cost in online. Website name is and list of services available were:

  • Encumbrance Certificate Search
  • Encumbrance Certificate Application
  • Check Encumbrance Application status
  • E-payment of Registration and stamp fees, challans.
  • Certified Documents online application.
  • Society and chits documents.
  • Online search for stamp vendors, society, and chit funds etc.

TN Reginet Tamil Nadu Encumbrance Certificate Search Online:

Visit tnreginet website and select the Encumbrance Search or go for for Document search.

Select EC or Document button for searching the type of document. Select Zone, District, Sub Registration office, Village. Give From date and To date. From date can be known by selecting the data available period. Give Survey number, Subdivision for narrow down the results.

Enter the verification code in the below picture to get the details.

Apply for Tamil Nadu Encumbrance Certificate EC online in tnreginet website:

Three stages of application to be filled before the submission. Give your communication details Name, Contact address, Email Address, Type of collection, Remarks, district etc.

Enter the property details such as Zone, SRO, District, Village, Street name in second section. Give the house details, Old Door no, plot number, extent and buildup area, Boundaries.

Select the Period of availability before proceeding. Give the survey details such as Ward number, Block Number, Survey Number, Sub Division, from and to date. You can add multiple surveys in one EC.

If you have the previously registered document details enter them below. Select Submit the application button.

Your application is submitted and recheck the details. Once you finalized the details proceed to pay the Encumbrance Certificate fees.

How to check the TN Encumbrance certificate application status online?

Select EC application status button in menu. Give the application registration number. Select Search option to see the results.

AP IGRS EC Encumbrance Certificate GPA Registration search

AP IGRS EC Encumbrance statement search, GPA Registration, Title Deeds search, Check Market Value, Pay stamp duty and calculate Stamp Duty fees, Document rate, Village Directory check online

Andhra Pradesh State Government from past 28 years is organizing its registration and land documents in digital format. The best efforts put by every government has gave the citizens free access with accurate data in every corner for searching Land records. Andhra Pradesh AP IGRS EC Encumbrance certificates search is the first service launched prior to other services.

AP IGRS Registration Services:

  • Encumbrance Certificate EC Search Online.
  • GPA Registration status search.
  • Check the list of Transactions.
  • Thumbnail View of Document.
  • Stamp Duty Fee Calculator
  • Preparation of your Own Document
  • Online Payments
  • Registration of Hindu Marriage, Special Marriage
  • Firms, Society Registrations online.
  • Market Value Basic Rates provided by Government.
  • Prescribed Document Templates

AP IGRS EC Encumbrance Certificate Search in

To search Encumbrance Certificate in online follow the steps noted below. Before that you need to keep in hand some of the basic details. Searching mode is in two types. One is with the document details or with property details. Both instances need the survey number or plot number. The details displayed were shown based on the entry at the time registration by the partys.

Click on Encumbrance Search Button and read the instructions before proceeding to search. Select submit button for searching the Encumbrance statement. To search with document number, fill the details of Serial number noted in Sub Registrar and give the year of registration to narrow the search. Select Go or Get details for fetching details.

Otherwise citizens can enter their property location detail such as name of owner as per latest document, boundaries, village, mandal, district wise etc. You need to enter the Survey number or plot or door number etc.

IGRS GPA Registration Search online in

GPA registration means General Power or Attorney. It grants any person to have the complete ownership rights for a property transfer and sale. Government has also stored the digital database in online for GPA registration search.

Visit and select the GPA search online. A search form is shown to enter the required details for Encumbrance Search. You need to enter your First, Middle, Last name, Select District and Sub Register Office from the list. Give the applicant name and enter captcha code for getting the GPA status.

How to check AP State Title Deeds, IGRS Registration Details of land and property in online?

Select Registration details search option in home page of IGRS. Give the Details of Document Number, Distict name, SRO Location, year of Document registered in SRO. Choose Submit button for getting details. Your property or land document registration details are displayed with time stamp below.

Uttar Pradesh Encumbrance Certificate IGRS Property search online

Uttar Pradesh Encumbrance statement certificate, check the property records in IGRS UP, Apply for Online Property Registration in UP check now.

IGRS website of uttar Pradesh has now started many online services in Property Registration, Applications etc. Currently Online property or land registrations are done in this website. Citizens can also get their property encumbrance EC certificate of Uttar Pradesh state for free in online. Under initiative of Digital India scheme by Modi Government, UP state has achieved 100% online process executing for Registration services. Even Marriage registration and search is also available in

Services available in IGRS UP website:

Application for Property Registration.

Check status of application.

Marriage Certificate application status and online application.

UP Encumbrance Certificate search online for property details.

How to check Uttar Pradesh Encumbrance EC certificate online?

A specific application or a format was not yet followed by the UP state government to give the Encumbrance EC for citizens. AP, Telangana, Karnataka, kerala has the perfect way to present the EC statements for people. In this application we can only check the property documents status as per government records.

Visit and choose the option named Sampathi Kojo or search Property.

Now a form for searching the property is displayed. In First field you need to choose District. Now select type or search such as by Property location or addresss, Registration number and date.

In first option applicants need to enter the property address, House no, Shop no or Measles etc.

Select the name of SRO office or Tahsil name.

Give the mohalla or village name. select See records button .The land details with encumbrance statement EC is shown.

In Registration year and number option fill the SR number of document. Enter the residential office where the document is scrutinized. Enter year of the document and select search button. In this way one can obtain Uttar Pradesh Encumbrance Certificate EC online.

Telangana Encumbrance Certificate EC Search in

Telangana Encumbrance Certificate EC Search online in TS EC Apply online  check application status.

Encumbrance Certificate statement or EC is generally first document asked while doing land transactions or property purchase or transfer. It has the complete timeline of a property or land as per government records. From the day of first surveyed EC has perfect statement of each transaction carried out on the particular land.

Citizens can access the E – Encumbrance Statement search portal any time. These records are the digital copy of each SRO (Sub Registrar Office) of every division. How ever a paid option is also available for providing stamped and authentic copy to serve as proof.

Following are the search options for Telangana Encumbrance Certificate EC:

  1. Citizens and Land Owners can search for EC by using Document Number or Year of Document Registration.
  2. House Number or Old Number, Door Number, Location address details etc.
  3. Survey Number of a Revenue village, Plot Number allotted to it as per Town Planning.
  4. District & SRO wise selection.
  5. Period of search such as from and to date.
  6. Property Description etc.

Visit website and select Search your EC in menu bar. Now carefully read the disclaimer appear in the first page.

Click on Submit Button. You have two options to search your Encumbrance Certificate statement.

First option is with searching with Document Number. If you chosen this number then we need to enter the document number first, Year of SRO registration, SRO location or Code.

Click on Submit Button.

Second option is using Form Entry. In this option you need to enter the physical details of your property. The options such as Flat Number, Door No, Ward or Block, Village Name.

For open sites or Agricultural Lands enter Plot no, BI No in Survey number, Village.

Give boundaries on four directions and specify its extent in SYD or Acres as units.

Choose SRO location and Give time period which you want Encumbrance Certificate Statement.

Select Submit Button. Your details are appeared if all the entered values are correct.

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Link to search Telangana Encumbrance is


Kerala EC Encumbrance Certificate apply online check registration

Kerala EC Encumbrance Certificate Online application in Check application status, E-Stamping of documents, Apply for Kerala CC Certified copies, Stamp Duty fees pay online now.

Registration department of Kerala state has started online services for Kerala EC Encumbrance Certificate, Online E-Stamping duty payment, Check Encumbrance application status, online application for certified copies, and print the application.

How to apply for Kerala EC Encumbrance Certificate Application in Kerala Registration website?

Visit website and select Encumbrance certificate application link in certificates menu. An application form is displayed to enter the details.

In first section serial number of application form is displayed. Choose District name and Sub-Registrar Office from the list. Enter the Name of applicant, Door No, Location, Email, Mobile number.

Specify the document details or title deed below. Give the Doc No, Year, Book No and press save and update. Give Taluk name, Village name, Desam, block Number, Surveyed or not, Resurvey details. Give the boundaries of the property as per title deed. Add any remarks if you want to mention for application processing. Select save an update for saving this options.

The price of application is based on the search period of the record you requested.  Choose the dates of registration and latest date to get the update record. Give the purpose of certificate, Agree for terms and conditions. Fill the captcha code and select the Submit Application.

After submitting application you need to proceed for the payment. Once payment is done application number and unique transaction code is generated. Keep this details for checking application progress.

Check the Kerala Encumbrance Certificate Application status:

To know the current status of your submitted application select EC Encumbrance application status button. Give the application ID and Enter Captcha code. Select submit button to get your application status. You can also reprint the application in the same menu.

How to apply for Kerala CC Certified Copies of Documents registered in

Kerala government has started the issuing of certified documents registered of Trusts, Sales of Property, Ownership documents, Mortgage documents, Trusts registration, Society registration etc. A simple online application form is enough in online to get the certified copies from the government. Check the process of online application for Kerala CC Certified Copies.

Visit website and choose the Certified Copies option in Document menu. Click on Submit application button for filling the application details. First an option to select document type is appeared first. More than 100 types of documents are applicable for certified copies.

There are three types of applicant details to be filled while submitting the application. In Applicant details fill the details of address, name, contact details such as mobile and email id. Give the Dates of document, ID card type etc.

Fill the Name, house number, Pin-code of claimant details, Executant Details and Document details. Once all the details are filled you can check the amount of application processing fees. Proceed further with entering the details of captcha verification code. Pay the application fees to get the application registration number.

How to check the Kerala Certified copies Application Status online?

Select the applications status link in the menu of certified copies. Give the application registration number and fill the word verification code to know the current processing state of application. To reprint the application payment receipt select Print Application or transaction detail menu.